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Calamba - The Resort City
The beautiful location of Calamba Laguna is one of the major cities of Philippines. Well known for hot spring resorts in and around the region, this attracts a lot of tourists for the same. It is known to be situated at the base of a volcano. Calamba is also the most populated city in the Philippines. The city is 54 kilometers to the south of Manila.

How to reach Calamba
Calamba is about 54 kilometers from the Manila airport and is accessible by road.
In case, you are traveling in your own vehicle then you can proceed towards the SLEX from the Manila and exit at the Calamba Laguna.
Bus - There are buses from various terminals to reach Calamba. You may choose the most convenient one, according to the time constraints and the budget. Some of the most important terminals to reach Calamba are:
Edsa Cubao: HM Bus Liner bound for Sta Cruz reaches Calamba.
Taft LRT: Greenstar Busline bound for Sta Cruz. The buses pass by the Calamba crossing.

Main Attractions
The city of Calamba is quite a laid-back city. The city is well-known for its hot spring resorts and other private resorts.
However, there are a few city attractions:
- Rizal Shrine: Calamba is the hometown of their national hero Jose Rizal. This is a memorial for Rizal in the city.
- Republic Wake Park: This beautiful park is famous for their wakeskating and other adventure activities. Do not miss this place if adrenaline is your cup of tea.
- Lake Caliraya: This is a man-made lake within the city.
- Giant Clay Pot: Calamba clay-pot is the origin of the name of the city. This is considered to be the largest pot in the world.
- St. John The Baptist Parish Church: This is a historic church which is situated in Calamba. St. John is supposed to be one of the oldest church in this area.
There are also an array of various resorts and spas which are present around the city where one can relax.

Places to Stay
The city is famous for the various options of hot spring beach resorts available. However, there are other options available in different budgets across the city.
You can find villas and apartments in Calamba with private pools and other luxurious facilities. There are many places to stay near the bus terminal, where you can opt for budget residence.

Eateries in Calamba
Being the most populated cities in the country with the urban crowd as well, Calamba has a lot of options for international food chains. Also, you get to experience various other international cuisines too.
Apart from the food chains, here are some of the restaurants you would not want to miss when you are in Calamba Laguna.

- Ding Hao Chinese Restaurant: One of the best restaurants in the city with a close-to-perfection Chinese cuisine.
- Venice Restaurant Pizzeria: Famous for their pizza and lasagna, this is a must-go place for Italian lovers.
- Lady Christine's Baby Back Ribs: A budget friendly hotel, this place is known for its seafood and ribs.
- Ippon Yari: Famous for their best sushi in town, this Japanese restaurant is one place you would never want to say a Sayonara to.
- Beanstalk Café: A casual café in the heart of the city, this is that perfect place which you would like to hang out with friends with comfortable food.
- Bonitos: This place is famous for their pocket-friendly Asian cuisine.
- Ryuma: Another famous Japanese restaurant in the heart of the city.
- Socrates’ Secret: This Mediterranean-style restaurant serves continental food. The ambiance has a lot to offer to. It is a kid friendly restaurant which has an Imaginative corner, which is quite interesting. This is a must visit place in case you are traveling with kids.

Getting Places
There are a lot of travel agencies around the city which offer various tour packages in and around the city. There are a lot of buses which ply within the city between major terminals. That is a very comfortable, budget friendly option. HM Bus Lines and Saint Rose Transit are some of the trusted bus lines to travel. However, you may also opt to travel by your vehicle if you prefer private travel options.

Tips for Travel across Batangas
- Being one of the richest cities in the Philippines, the visitors need to be careful about their expenditures there. There are chances of the locals luring and extorting more money out of the travelers. English is spoken across various parts of the country.
- There are various tour planners available across the city. However, the visitors are advised to be careful while choosing the fares for the tours.
- Calamba is a city of resorts, and there are various options to be chosen from. However, do check for the safety and cleanliness of the resorts before the stay/booking.
- Avoid street food in the city of Calamba. Though most of the places maintain cleanliness, it is suggested to avoid eating cut fruits/vegetables, uncooked meat in and around these places.
- Health care is decently good around the Philippines. Since most of the hospitals are private run, it is suggested to have travel insurance.
- If you are opting for the buses for local travel, so confirm about the stops you will need to travel to. Some buses travel only along the highways and might not be very feasible for your travel plans.