Bordered by the South China Sea, Batangas situated in the Luzon Islands. It is the most popular destinations near Manila, Philippines. This beautiful, picturesque town is the home the most famous volcano, the Taal Volcano which is a decade volcano.
Batangas also flaunts the second largest port in the Philippines.
Situated close to nature, Batangas is a place of interest for those who love backpacking and hiking trips. The island also houses some of the most beautiful beaches.

How to reach Batangas
Batangas is 2.5 hours away from the city of Manila by road. Varied options are depending on the budget are available.

- Alps the Bus: This is one of the major bus companies around the city which ply between Manila and Batangas.
- Tourists can also choose the different options of air-conditioned buses between cities too.
- Visitors who prefer driving their vehicle can rent cars in the city too. They need to take the same route as buses i.e. South Luzon Expressway and STAR Tollway route to reach the city of Batangas.

Some of the major bus stations within the city are
- Buendia bus terminal or Kamuning Cubao bus station: Tourists who are traveling from Manila can opt for BLBT buses or JAM Transit which is available every one hour.
- Tourists who would like to go to Puerto Galera need to take a ferry from the Batangas Pier stop.

Main Attractions
Batangas is a locale close to nature. There are many lakes which are a real treat to see, as it is a volcanic city.
However, there are a plenty of churches, cathedrals, and museums for the like-minded people.

• Churches/Cathedrals
Basilica of St. Martin de Tours - The Basilica is one of the historical churches in the Taal region.
Caleruega Church - Situated in the Nasugbu area of Batangas, this is a beautiful church with an equally splendid garden as well.
Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church - The chruch situated in the Lipa City, it is a solemn, peaceful place which is known for its prayers.
San Sebastian Cathedral - This is a historic church situated in the Lipa City.

• Museums:
Apolinario Mabini Shrine - A historical museum.
Casa de Segunda - Situated in the Lipa City this museum has beautiful surroundings.
Galleria Taal - A beautiful vintage museum situated in the Taal.

• Mountains:
Taal Volcano - One of the beautiful volcanic mountains with a lake. Tourists can take a boat ride across the lake too. Though last erupted in 1977, the volcano is considered active. Hike to the crater is about an hour.
Mt Batulao - The day can be well-spent in the hiking. Though not a very big mountain, this still makes a beautiful peak.
Mt Maculot - This scenic beauty is considered to be one of the best peaks in and around Batangas. The view of the Taal crater has the best view from the summit of these mountains.
Manabu Peak - This is a great start for hiking beginners. The beauty of this range is the coffee plantations on the mountain peaks.

• Beaches:
Laiya, San Juan - This is one of the most developed beaches in and around the area of Batangas.
Nasugbu Beaches - The area around Nasugbu has a mix of both private and public beaches. This area for most of the beach resorts in the Philippines.
Tali Beach, Kawayan Cove, Munting Buhangin, Sunset Beach, and Secret Beach are some of the famous beaches around the area.
Fortune Island in this region has a lot of Greek themes instilled.
Anilao - These barangays are one of the most populated beaches around the area.

Places to Stay
Batangas being a place close to nature has a lot of options to stay. You may choose between beach-side resorts or even regular hotels depending on your budget. There are beach-front villas and also a few cheap beach hotels apart from the expensive brands too.
San Juan Batangas - There are some luxury beach resorts around this area.
Kabayan, Dive Solana Anilao, Matabungkay are some of them. Also, some resorts around this place also provide snorkeling and other water activities. You may also check for the same.
Nasugbu Batangas - This area has beaches and stays options in different price ranges. If you are a backpacker, you may also choose for bed-and-breakfast hotels around this region.
There are also various other hotels and stay options across different regions of Batangas.

Eateries in Batangas
Batangas have their great foods too. Panutsa (Peanut Brittle), Sinaing na Tulingan (spiced tuna) suman (rice meal wrapped in banana leaves) and the longganisa and tapa are made in Taal Town.
As this place is situated with the beaches, it is abundant for seafood. Also, being a city close to Manila, the place is exposed to international cuisines, hence finding your choice of appetite should not be difficult.

Johanna's Grill - This place is famous around the region for the excellent steak and seafood. American, Grilled food, continental is some of the cuisines you may find.
El Torro - This is a must go-to place for German and European cuisines.
Little Mexico - As the name goes, this is known for their Mexican cuisine.

Getting Places
There are various options of buses to travel within the city. You may choose between regular and air-conditioned buses to travel.
There are also cheaper options of tricycles which can be rented to travel for short distances. There are optional passenger jeepneys too, where they charge on a per-person basis. However, they take routes like buses and hence it is not suggested if you have to go to deeper places.

Tips for Travel across Batangas
- The country might be safe, but on a safer side, it is suggested to follow the general traveler caution before the travel.
- Be careful about your belongings and never leave your bags unattended.
Plan your trip rightly- this helps in making a choice between traveling using a jeepney or a tricycle.
- Avoid consuming tap water and always prefer bottled water for consumption.
- Milk available is unpasteurized, hence should be avoided.
- Avoid the consumption of cut fruits and vegetables, meat, and seafood in the street-stalls. Always prefer fully, well-cooked meat.

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